Woohoo! Update on Africa!

Woohoo! Update on Africa!

Well, with Jim taking a lot of photographs in Laos (over 2000!) after which requiring to process them, we’ve got behind within our posts. Regrettably this matches us coming in Tanzania to daily, and often day-lengthy, energy black outs and limited internet access. We simply wanted you to definitely realize that our posting is going to be sporadic within the next while.

Here’s our tentative itinerary:

Marly 1-16 – volunteering in Arusha

Marly 16-22 – safari in Tanzania & visit Victoria Falls

Marly 23-April 9 – an outdoor camping (yes, my buddies, I’ll be camping for several days) overland trip from Victoria Falls, through Botswana, Namibia and lower to Cape Town

April 10-May 9- driving Nigeria

May 9-10- fly home

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